Vice President– Herbert Humphrey

Secretary of State– Dean Rusk

Secretary of Treasury– C. Douglas Dillion
Henry H. Fowler
Joseph W. Barr

Secretary of Defense– Robert S. McNamara
Clark M. Clifford

Attorney General-Robert F. Kennedy
N. de B. Katzenbach
Ramsely Clark

Postmaster General- John A. Gronosuki
Lawrence F. O’Brien
W. Marvin Watson

Secretary of Interior– Stewart L. Udall

Secretary of Agriculture-Orville L.Freeman

Secretary of Commerce– Luther H. Hodges
John T. Connor
A.B. Trowbridge
C.R. Smith

Secretary of Labor-W. Willard Wirtz

Secretary of Health, Education,and Welfare-Anthony J. Celebrezze
John W. Gardner
Wilbur J. Cohen

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development– Robert C. Weaver
Robert C. Wood

Secretary of Transportation– Alan S. Boyd


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